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"We are happy to announce that The Shadow in the Water by Inger Frimansson has been awarded with The Swedish Academy writers' Award for Best Swedish crime novel 2005. She is the only female crime author ever to receive this award twice."

Grand Agency (Representative for foreign countries)

About me

Inger Frimansson was born in 1944 in Stockholm and grew up in various places in the middle of Sweden. Today she lives in Södertälje, a town not far from Stockholm, with her husband Jan. As a young girl Inger Frimansson won a number of literary competitions, among them, the so-called Little Nobel Prize in 1963.

From early on her ambition was to become a writer, and she started her career as a working journalist. It was in 1984 that she made her debut as a writer of serious fiction with her novel The Double Bed (Dubbelsängen). Up till then, Inger Frimansson had published poems, short stories, and novels for young people. Her mature fictional themes staked a claim close to the border shared with serious crime fiction, and, in 1997, Inger Frimansson crossed that border and published her first full-fledged psychological thriller, I Will Fear No Evil (Fruktar jag intet ont).

A significant breakthrough in her writing career occurred in 1998 with the publication of Good Night My Darling (Godnatt, min älskade), which was voted Best Mystery Novel of the Year by the Swedish Academy of Mystery Authors. The jury's citation included this appreciation: "A psychological thriller about senselessness and revenge that doesn't loosen its grasp of the reader's attention for the length of the book." It was published in the U.S. 2007 by Caravel Books. In Mai 2008 it got the Gold Prize in ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year (category Translated Novels.)

The sequel, The Shadow in the Water, was published in USA 2008. (Caravel Books).

In autumn 2002, Island of Naked Women (De nakna kvinnornas ö) was published, a thriller about vehement passion and unprovoked manslaughter. (Will be published in USA in 2009.) Hidden Tracks (Mörkerspår), 2003, received rave reviews from the critics, as did the recent The Shadow in the Water (Skuggan i vattnet), 2005. In summer 2005, The Shadow in the Water was also published in serial form over 57 days in one of the two Stockholm morning newspapers, Svenska Dagbladet. It has also been awarded with The Swedish Academy of Mystery Authors "Award for Best Swedish crime novel 2005". She is the only female crime author ever to receive this award twice. Some years earlier, The Cat that Wouldn't Die (Katten som inte dog) was similarly published in Stockholm's other morning newspaper, Dagens Nyheter.

Inger Frimansson's novels are translated into several languages and are published in various editions in Norway, Latvia, Holland, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany and U.S.A.

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