The Shadow in the Water
Winner of the Swedish Mystery Writers award for Best Crime Novel 2005

Justine Dalvik is back. Six years have passed since Justine Dalvik killed her tormentors. Her life has since then taken a calmer direction and the risk for being discovered should be over. However, the past threatens to catch up with her. In her nightmares, Justine sees the dead body of Berit coming up to the surface of the water of Mälaren. Meanwhile, friends and relatives of Berit have started to dig into the past. Also, a stubborn policeman with violent tendencies is becoming interested in several of the already closed investigations. As these people close in on the old stone house by the water of Mälaren, in which she lives with her bird, Justine Dalvik feels the noose tighten around her neck.

The Shadow in the Water is the second part of the acclaimed diptych about Justin Dalvik. The first part, God natt min älskade (Good Night My Darling), was published in 1998.

Translated by Laura A. Wideburg.

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About the book

The Shadow in the Water was awarded with the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers ’ Award (Svenska Deckarakademins pris) 2005 for Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year. Good Night My Darling was awarded with the same prize in 1998.

From Publishers Weekly: Frimansson skillfully weaves themes of darkness and light, guilt and innocence, life and death. Not for the faint of heart, this bleak mystery will linger in readers’ minds long after the last page is turned.

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