Good Night, My Darling

Winner of the Swedish Mystery Writers award for Best Crime Novel 1998

Winner of ForeWord Magazine's "Book of the Year" in the category translated novels 2007


Justine is a wealthy woman in her forties, living alone in a big house full of troubled memories of a tortured childhood. Now the memories come back to haunt Justine, but she is prepared. It is time for Justine to take revenge on everyone who has done her wrong...

Translated by Laura A. Wideburg.

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About the book

What if Ingmar Bergman were to write a screenplay for a contemporary Snow White, with a really dark twist on the happily-ever-after? Well, it might turn out to be something like Good Night, My Darling. Certainly it would have the dark, brooding Swedish atmosphere Bergman did so well. But believe it or not, Frimansson's book is better. Diana Bane Read more

In Inger Frimansson's fine novel Good night, my darling, published in New York by Pleasure Boat Studio, the question is not who committed a crime, nor whether the protagonist will meet a horrible death. There are no guns, no drug dealers, no gangsters. Instead, crimes are committed amid the ordinary lives of ordinary people. With this novel, Inger Frimansson won the Swedish Academy of Mystery Authors Award for Best Swedish Crime Novel. Keith Oatley Read more

This novel by yet another accomplished Swedish crime writer takes a while to get going, but once it does, readers had better hang on. ..... the very atmospheric, somewhat claustrophobic story concerns Justine, a wealthy woman approaching middle age, who, after a tormented childhood and a not-much-better adulthood, figures it's time to free herself of the horrible memories that are beating her down. David Pitt Amazon